Top 3 Free Bulk Url Opener In 2024

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This online multi-URL opener tool is all you need to get out of those difficult situations where you have to open new URLs constantly. is the only way to get out of these difficult situations. It’s a simple and efficient way to open multiple URLs in a matter of seconds. It is slow and tedious.

Simply go to the Multiple URL Opener online and fill in your URL list in the box. After clicking on the button “Open All URLs”, wait a while and the website will open all of the URLs you have entered.

They will not store your URLs. Their genuine and thriving practices will prove that privacy is their top priority. Your information is not collected. Emails are not required.

You will only need a browser to access the site. You will need to register and log in, unlike other URL openers. This tool does not require any consumer data. And, even better, it is completely free to use regardless of your age.

Too many ads on a page can make it look messy and create a poor user experience. This URL opener tool does not have any ads on its home page. They are committed to making the user experience smooth. This website can be used to open multiple URLs or bulk URLs. has the “HTTPS” certification, which makes it very safe and trustworthy. They do not store your data, as we mentioned before.

There is no limit on the number of pages you can open. It would be best to only open 20 pages at a time. It will be difficult to navigate between pages if you open more than 20 at a time.

The bulk URL opener can be used for many web links. It can handle almost anything.

You don’t need to download additional applications or install an extension in your browser. The web URL opener can be used online to enter URLs.

Bulk URL opener

Bulk URL Opener allows you to open large lists of URLs with just one click. Multiple URL openers are a good idea for many reasons. Access to multiple browsers is possible. A bulk URL opener is easy and helps increase productivity. It provides researchers, SEOs, and any other website visitor with the ability to bulk open URLs from either a list or block of text. As a Search Engine Optimizer or content writer, your goal should be to save time and increase productivity. It is important to get more done in a shorter time. It is crucial to keep you on track and meet your deadlines. You can check out the bulk URL opener at the site of Ethereal IT Solutions.

It doesn’t matter if your browser is Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. This bulk URL opener tool makes it easy and simple.


The 10 best SEO bulk URL opening tools allow you to open multiple URLs simultaneously. Simply paste the URLs in the box and hit submit. You can either press Open all to see all websites at once or each URL individually. It is important to remember that too many tabs can slow down your computer.