Top 10 Fashion Accessories for Men in 2024

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Fashion accessories for men have always received utmost appreciation. However, most men tend to ignore the finer details and focus on jeans, shirts, and shoes only when it comes to boys fashion accessories.

Fashion accessories for men can make or break the outfit and style. That is why we have crafted a list of the top ten fashion accessories for men you need in 2024. These fashion accessories can be bought at affordable prices if you decide to check wholesale marketplaces.

So without further ado, let’s check our list of the best and must-have fashion accessories for men in 2024 below:

1.    Eye Wear

No one can deny the impact of good eyewear on an outfit. It can change your entire look. Fake eyeglasses look a little weird and an old fashion trend. So if you do not need prescription glasses, then you should stick to sunglasses.

You should also consider your face shape while selecting sunglasses. Check the following to know the suitable sunglasses according to your face shape:

  • Round faces look better in rectangular sunglasses.
  • Faces with sharp features such as a strong jawline should choose round sunglasses.

2.    Hats

Most men avoid wearing hats because it is difficult to keep them on. Wool or felt hats like classic fedora or trilby are pretty tricky to wear properly. Wool hats are only good if you wear them with a suit. You should select beanies, bucket hats, or baseball caps to go with casual wear.

3.    Scarves

Scarves look great with an outfit but only when the weather requires them. just imagine yourself wearing a heavy scarf on a hot sunny day…

Yeah, that will not be a good picture.

On the other hand, scarves will protect you from cold in winters along with adding a popping color to your outfit.

4.    Ties

It is a misconception associated with ties that they are only for office use. Ties can also be worn with your casual outfits. However, you should never choose formal silk ties to style a casual outfit.

Instead, go for ties with a rough texture and interesting patterns to be worn with a casual outfit. Wool knit ties are best for creating casual looks.

5.    Tie Clips

These days, the purpose of tie clips is not just to keep the tie pinned to the shirt. Instead, they have purely become a fashion accessory for men. You should wear gold or silver tie clips with your formal suits only. There is a huge variety of fun and unique tie clips that you can wear with your casual suits.

6.    Belts

Like shirts and shoes, belts are an essential part of men’s outfits. You will be surprised how a simple belt can make a difference in your outfit when chosen carefully.

You should always match the color of your shoes and belt for a formal occasion. But for a casual event, you should choose a different colored belt and shoes.

7.    Bags and Wallets

While choosing bags and wallets, you should remember that their primary purpose is to hold your items. You should choose leather bags and wallets to go with your formal wear. For casual wear, you can choose from a huge variety available in the market. You should also make sure that you choose slim wallets for formal occasions and chunky or bulky wallets for casual ones.

8.    Cufflinks

Cufflinks are a very formal fashion accessory. They go perfectly with the French cuff shirts. You can select any type of cufflinks for your formal wear, including silk-knot cufflinks. However, you should avoid the ones with flashy designs and large gemstones.

9.    Gloves

Leather or wool gloves look perfect with your outfit in winters. Leather gloves can be used for formal as well as casual occasions. However, wool gloves only look better with a casual outfit. Also, you should try to avoid black or brown colored gloves as they may tone down your outfit.


Last but not least, a wristwatch is also an essential fashion accessory for men. You should try to match the watch strap with your belt if it is made of leather. Metal straps in gold or silver are more suitable for formal wear, and fabric straps will go perfectly with your casual outfit.

Bottom Line

The importance of fashion accessories for men is often ignored. Most men keep their focus on basic things like pants, shirts, and shoes. With the help of fashion accessories, you can make a strong fashion statement. We hope that the list mentioned above will help you in styling your next outfit.