Top 10 Biggest Real Estate Organizations in Dubai 2024

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By Henry Jackson

Dubai is swiftly evolving into a socioeconomic and environmental powerhouse as a result of considerable technological developments. The most populous state in the UAE quickly went from being a vast desert to an urban area, becoming a popular travel destination in the process. Many people from all over the world looking for houses and businesses in the city have been drawn to this development. Many global corporations are looking for a location to begin operations in addition to individuals.

Due to some of the UAE’s top real estate developers, buying real estate in Dubai (UAE) is now simpler than in other Middle Eastern nations. These Dubai real estate companies provide a wealth of knowledge as well as alluring property deals throughout the city. To help you connect with and grow your Dubai property, we’ve put together the Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Dubai 2024

Next Level Real Estate was founded in 2013, in Dubai. It is responsible for some of the best corporate, institutional, private residential, and commercial sectors. The company offers outstanding remedies for property-related issues. Our ideal property-related services will provide you with all the solutions to your issues, whether you’re trying to sell or rent. At Next Level, modern expertise, marketing expertise, and committed team make every attempt to make your property known to everyone. We recognise the value of the bond between people and their possessions. This encourages us to go above and beyond and offer our esteemed clients extremely acceptable locations with enough protection.

With the capacity to market properties locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally, Next Level helps you reach more people. Their property listings are displayed on a variety of commercial real estate websites that clients and brokers from across the world frequent. Your property is made available online to investment bankers and all local, national, and international real estate brokers. Furthermore, the marketing plan advertises your property to potential buyers throughout the world.

Next Level Real Estate has led the city’s property management market for many years. Our real estate service is really rapid, effective, and qualified. If you are unable to find a tenant for your property, don’t worry! Get in touch with Next Level Real Estate property management services at your earliest. We will advertise your property to the appropriate individuals who are sincere about renting a property you own. In Dubai’s real estate industry, Next Level real estate takes pleasure in having a sizable marketing network. We do our best to provide our clients with the best possible advantage of our extensive networks thanks to our years of experience in Dubai’s real estate industry. So, the smartest move in renting a property, particularly in Dubai, is to choose Next Level real estate.

Next Level Real Estate advertises your property to the right individuals who are sincere about renting a house you own. Next Level real estate takes pleasure in having a sizable marketing network. The company makes sure to provide clients with the best possible advantage of our extensive networks thanks to our years of experience in Dubai’s real estate industry. So, the smartest move in renting a property, particularly in Dubai, is to choose Next Level real estate.

Haus & Haus

Real estate brokers Haus & Haus have won a number of accolades and awards, the most notable of which are the Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Dubai and the Highly Commendable Leasing Agency in Dubai. The business also won the prestigious Gold Trusted Service Award. Haus & Haus offers effective leasing, sales, property administration and maintenance, and valuation services to customers and businesses. The company, which focuses on residential properties, also enables customers to list their properties for sale or rent on the website. They might also help with Dubai land buying.

They are a company that values its clients and takes pride in what they do. They focus on residential sales and leasing and have a strong property management division. With the help of a group of brokers who are RERA licensed and accredited, their outstanding Sales & Leasing department is dedicated to ensuring the best value and quality. Haus & Haus collaborates with a number of the best real estate developers in Dubai, including Emaar, Meraas, Select Group, Ellington, and Majid Al Futtaim, to mention a few. Customer satisfaction is crucial to this business  because they understand how important it is to deliver top-notch customer service in order to build trusting relationships that result in recurring business and referrals.


Bayut is one of the best real estate organizations in the UAE, that brings together buyer, seller and investor to make the entire real estate buying process seamless and user-friendly. Bayut is the top property website in the UAE linking buyers, sellers, and tenants. Bayut has taken on the responsibility of becoming the most trustworthy source for “all things real estate,” by going above and beyond, and simply offering a database of available properties for rent and sale. Today, every query a potential end user would have in the UAE is addressed by the resources Bayut has developed.

The team at Bayut works tirelessly to overcome this gap with value-added services and features, and as a result, the company now has the most reputable real estate website in the UAE. It receives over 2.8 million views each month and has close to 1200 agencies listed on our platform. With $160 million contributed by renowned investors like the KCK group and Exor, Bayut is also the most well-funded tech company, further solidifying our position in the international market. As a member of the expanding Emerging Markets Property Group, Bayut has access to a range of information and tools designed to meet the needs of users and agents in developing nations like the UAE.

Through in-depth Area and Community Guides, Bayut has provided users with a thorough overview of more than 1300 neighborhoods in the UAE. To make it simple for our customers to decide what kind of home they are interested in living in, the company has collected over 45,000 floor plans and standardized them into 2D and 3D forms. The most thorough resource on the available listing is also on their property view page. Before choosing what home to buy, users may conveniently utilize the mortgage calculator to better understand the financial commitments. Before deciding to rent or buy a home, consumers can also examine sales and rental indices that demonstrate how the specific property performed in the months and years prior.

Fam Properties

Fam Properties is a tech-driven real estate company that helps value-seeking buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants achieve better outcomes by providing advice based on honesty and sound market fundamentals. Fäm Properties is one of the top real estate firms in the UAE and a member of the fäm Group, with annual revenues exceeding AED 1.8 billion.

The fam properties team is committed to giving their clients unbiased, current insight. Fäm has created its own unique, patented Oracle-based technology to accomplish this, setting it apart from the competition. To give agents even more depth of concentration and knowledge, the organization, rather than being a generalist, focuses on important regions in the UAE.

The foundation of fäm’s reputation is unwavering integrity. It’s not only a catchphrase for products or an inert value. It is a strategy that is fundamental to who we are and how and why we conduct business. The company was established in 2009 in  the midst of the worst of the global economic crisis. Since then, the business has consistently demonstrated that even while customers buy because of our superior insight, they continue to do so because they have trust in the company.

Stones International

Stones has grown to be a reputable real estate specialist in the UAE markets we operate in since its establishment in 2008. Stones acknowledge the value of quality service. We have a large portfolio of clients in Dubai, London, Singapore, and Mumbai. This is an outcome of our ability to provide reliable property consulting on a local and global level.

Stones International Real Estate uses a distinctive strategy. In their buying, selling, leasing, and commercial activities, they serve consumers locally, regionally, and globally for a seamless experience. They provide highly personalized counseling, take a straightforward approach to real estate, and have a committed workforce that is focused on ethics.

Stones International looks far and wide for properties and solutions in order to get the best results in a pleasant and stress-free atmosphere. We aspire to surpass our clients’ expectations both locally and abroad. They are pleased to have built solid and long ties, offering guidance from the beginning of their journey with us, with everyone from new real estate buyers to our old loyal partners.

Better Homes

Better Homes is one of the most well-known real estate developers in Dubai. It has numerous locations throughout the GCC and more than 500 multicultural employees. In order to locate wonderful and captivating businesses, the firm has also collaborated with a lot of real estate agents and significant projects in the Middle East. One such project, The Lakes, saw them collaborate as project managers with Emaar.

Better Homes specializes in commercial and residential listings, sales, and rentals, as well as property handling and management and off-plan purchases. The company also offers free property appraisals, property finance, and conveyance services to both individuals and corporations. They run five offices in Dubai, in addition to their main one in Business Bay.

Betterhomes is more than simply a real estate agency; it is a community consisting of enthusiastic and knowledgeable friends and neighbors. The company has been in the real estate industry for over three decades in the UAE. The property consultants are carefully chosen and properly trained to represent the brand and the interests of the clients. Our strong team of 150 agents has unmatched local knowledge in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the GCC. The organization offers the broadest range of clients and properties in the nation. Better Homes can help you with everything from residential and commercial sales and leasing to property management, off-plan rentals, and short-term rentals.

Capri Realty Real Estate

Capri Realty Real Estate offers innovative and ever-expanding real estate solutions. Over the past few years, the company has developed into a thriving, full-service specialized real estate company in the UAE, with a sizable presence in Dubai. The business is justifiably proud of its ability to advise clients on decisions related to the acquisition, sale, or letting of residential, commercial, and recreational properties. Capri Realty is dedicated to offering a variety of services to buyers, sellers, international investors, and local investors while observing all relevant laws and ordinances. The company strives to exceed clients’ expectations by offering one-stop shopping solutions that are based on an in-depth understanding of their needs and constraints.

The company’s goal is to offer exceptional services based on the highest standards of morality, morals, and customer service. Capri Realty works hard to provide clients with up-to-date market research and knowledge that encourages creative ideas and profitable real estate options. It aspires to lead the way in real estate marketing and to go above and beyond client expectations with innovative, custom-fit solutions. The real estate company is nimble and adaptable to market changes effectively. As a result, it will constantly adjust to modifications based on customer feedback.

Driven Properties

Driven Properties is another reputable developer and broker of real estate in Dubai, which was founded in 2012. Abdullah Al Ajaji, the MD of Driven Properties, was a highly skilled professional before founding the company. He had previously worked and invested with a number of prominent corporate and investment companies throughout Saudi Arabia, including Saudi Aramco, SAMBA Bank, and Merchant Bridge. Abdullah Al Ajaji was given the 2016 Leading Brokerage Owner Award. As well as receiving other awards, the company was named Dubai’s Leading and Most Popular Brokerage Service and Bayut Agency of the Month.

In addition to real estate, Driven Properties also offers services for property management, investment, short-term rentals, and mortgage advising. Additionally, they provide their consumers free property evaluations. The company, which is among the top 100 construction companies in the UAE, focuses on off-the-plan, constructed retail, residential, and commercial developments in Dubai.

Driven Properties has one of the biggest selection of properties in Dubai, with everything from opulent villas and cutting-edge flats to affordable solutions for our budget-conscious buyers and tenants.

Dubai’s real estate industry has established itself as one of the most profitable and varied investment alternatives for both local and foreign investors. Driven Properties is your ideal partner to present secure, attractive, and completely investigated possibilities if you intend to purchase real estate in Dubai. Knowing that you are working with a business with an outstanding reputation and a lengthy line of positive reviews will give you peace of mind.

Provident Estate

Ejari controls Provident Estate, one of the biggest real estate companies in the UAE and one of the top property dealers in Dubai. The agency is rated among the best on all of Dubai’s major real estate dealer portals. Provident Estate offers property management in addition to dealing and operating real estate. The company operates out of two different sites in Dubai and has received multiple awards, including Best Brokerage Firm and Best Property Site in Dubai.

Provident Estate is a one-stop shop for anything related to real estate. The company is here for you and all of your property needs and inquiries, with a commitment to constantly providing 5-star service to their clients. The core mission of the company is to give hassle-free, specialized real estate assistance and counseling to families and investors looking for the ideal residence.

The diversified workforce of Provident Estate, which offers both services and personnel, is something the company takes great pride in. The organization employs people from over 22 different countries who speak more than 25 different languages and are all available to respond to your questions about real estate.

Since its founding in 2008, the company has expanded to include services such as property management, help finding the best financing alternatives, and choosing the ideal vacation home for you. They also assist with the purchase and leasing of real estate. In order to provide customers with the finest results, the Provident Estate staff takes pleasure in being honest, transparent, and efficient.

Allsopp & Allsopp

Allsopp & Allsopp is a renowned property dealer in the UAE, having been formed in 2008. The organization is multicultural, with employees and directors with backgrounds in both English and Arabic. It comes in first place for real estate sales, transfers, and agreements.

The company has received various awards and recognitions, including the best real estate agency in Dubai and the most distinguished lettings agency award. The government-run Dubai Land Development granted Silver status to Allsopp & Allsopp in 2015. The business was ranked among the Top 100 Middle Eastern companies by Forbes. is also among the Top 5 Middle Eastern real estate brokerages, giving it visibility abroad. With more than 1,700 properties, Allsopp & Allsopp is a specialist in residential & high-end luxury flats in Dubai. It is one of Dubai’s most well-known real estate companies.