To drink or not to drink at the remote control

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Alcohol is a great opportunity to relax, create a relaxed atmosphere and, in general, relax in an informal setting. But what is good for leisure is bad for work. No normal employer of the audio mastering service at would approve of the appearance of a drunk employee in the office.

And the point here is not the stereotyped thinking of the leadership. Alcohol, even in small doses, weakens the reaction, inhibits motor skills. A drunk person loses his sense of self-preservation and common sense. All this invariably affects the quality of the work performed.

However, DJing is an unusual, creative profession. One of the key points here is the ability to feel and understand the desires of the crowd before the crowd itself. It’s not enough to be part of the crowd. You have to be able to take the lead. It’s no secret that people go to clubs not only for the sake of music and dancing. The vast majority use strong drinks in order to create a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere. To be on the same wavelength with a drunk person, it seems reasonable to drink yourself.

Think of a DJ at work. Isn’t it true that a glass with a cocktail looks next to him as an indispensable attribute. But is it worth focusing on such an example?

So, to drink or not to drink? You will not get a definite answer to this question. Everything comes with experience, trial and error. Yes, of course, getting into resonance with the crowd will be much easier if you drink a little. But “easier” does not mean “correct”! After drinking at the remote control once or twice, on the third get along with mineral water. Try to remember this state of unity with the dance floor, this relaxation, and achieve it on your own, without stimulants. It’s easier than it looks. And the advantage is that you will not lose concentration and coordination of actions.

In order not to lose the image of a reckless and reckless DJ in such a situation, you can take the so-called “fake” cocktail, which looks like a real one, but is non-alcoholic.

Another case where the use of strong drinks seems reasonable is excessive excitement before a performance. But it is simply unprofitable to turn off light jitters in degrees. Excitement is normal. Even established stars get a little nervous before every performance. To overcome anxiety, engage yourself in a business that is directly related to your work. Check and adjust the equipment, select the first few tracks, think of alternatives.

You can do some breathing exercises or just take a few calm and deep breaths. This will calm the heart and the excitement will subside.

If, nevertheless, for some reason, you find it necessary to drink while working at the remote control, then do it wisely.

First, don’t interfere! Chose rum with cola – drink rum with cola.

Secondly, alternate alcohol with ordinary water (without gas – gas contributes to the fastest intoxication). This will help keep your “softened” mind under control.

Thirdly, if you have decided everything in advance, drink activated charcoal in advance. You won’t get overly drunk no matter how much you drink, and you won’t get a hangover.

Fourth, think again. If you take a non-alcoholic energy drink instead of a cocktail, then you will achieve a high level of concentration and energy, while fully controlling all your actions.

So what conclusion do we come to? That alcohol to a DJ is an enemy or an ally? So to speak. There are no good or bad tools. It all depends on how you use them.