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Toll Group is a global logistics network that offers various freight transportation services – and we’re advancing for an even better future.


Toll Partnership

Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds

Toll is the founder patron and Board member of Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds foundation. Healthy Heads was established to improve outcomes in the areas related to physical and psychological well-being across the transportation, warehousing and logistics sectors in Australia. Mental health is a significant aspect of this sector because of long working days, isolation in the workplace stress, and the operation of heavy equipment.

Healthy Heads supports mental health training as well as standardisation of policies and regulation of logistics and transport facilities, and promotes wellbeing through a diet and mental health point of view. 

In the last few months, Healthy Heads launched a free National Mental Health and Wellbeing Map for the industry. We are proud to help the organization and its vital work. 

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AIP Foundation

In Thailand where riding a motorcycles is a popular method for parents to get their kids to schools, nearly 17,000 teenagers and children suffer each year due to accidents on the roads. Inexperienced driving and inadequate infrastructure in schools results in high-risk trips for students who travel to and from school.

Toll is a company with a goal to reduce road accident fatalities by offering safety-related interventions for road users. We have partnered in conjunction with AIP Foundation to launch our Hauling Safety program. The program was designed to assist over teachers and students from two school in Samutprakarn Province in Thailand.

Hauling Safety uses school-based education campaigns to improve students’ and teachers’ knowledge of safe road behavior, public awareness campaigns that promote the road safety of the community and private sector volunteer involvement to encourage responsible investment in communities that are vulnerable.

Toll was proud to in the delivery of safety programs that taught more than 4,600 students and their parents and trained 30 teachers on how to keep educating students about road safety in their classrooms, and also improved the road’s conditions in two schools of focus to safeguard children for the future.


Indigenous Engagement

As a global organization We recognize the crucial importance of working together with our Indigenous populations in the development of trusting and meaningful relationships.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Engagement

For Australia, Toll aims to cooperate in partnership with Aboriginal as well as Torres Strait Islander peoples in the process of reconciliation in Australia. For many years, Toll has been working in dialogue with Aboriginal as well as Torres Strait Islander communities throughout Australia with regards to hiring, training, purchasing of goods and services, as well as in-kind assistance.

We created an overall strategy for the nation to better acknowledge the importance that first Australians are in our businesses and communities, our customers, suppliers, and general public at large. Since then, we’ve taken many steps to reconcile however, we are aware that it’s not over.

Toll’s Reconciliation Action Plan

Toll has worked with Aboriginal as well as Torres Strait Islander peoples throughout our lengthy and rich time. Toll is a company that has a long and proud history. Toll we recognize that our nature of business is that we play a significant role in the reconciliation of Australia. Everyday, our employees traverse the land of a variety of Traditional Owners, and the varied nature of our work ensures that we have the ability to positively impact the outcome of these communities.

The The Toll’s 2020-2022 Reconciliation Action Plan formally recognises the importance in which Aboriginal as well as Torres Strait Islander peoples have played in our industry, as customers, employees as suppliers, communities and even the people who have shaped our past.