Tips to Turn Cardboard Boxes Into the Most Incredible Play Kitchen

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In the world we live in, it is hard to have fun on a budget and especially when you have little monsters in the house, kids. The world has changed, kids these days need something more interactive and on top of that, they easily get bored of the stuff.

Well, play kitchens are imaginative and fun spaces for the kids to spend their time in a more fun and collaborating way. They can cook, store their fruits and veggies, do their dishes, and many more with the play kitchen. There are a lot of play kitchens in the market but if you are on a budget, why not make one for yourself from custom cardboard boxes, which is more fun and communicating for the kids and the parents.

Here is a look at some amazing tips to DIY your custom play kitchen.


The things that you need are;

  • Cardboard
  • Paper cutter
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wrapping papers
  • Embellishments such as buttons and handles
  • Black marker


Cardboard selection

  • When choosing the cardboard, go for corrugated cardboard as it is the strongest of all the cardboards and gives the most durable structure.
  • Take cardboard exactly the size of the kitchen you want to make. It will help you in preventing extra cutting and securing the pieces together.
  • To make your play kitchen last for the longest time use corrugated cardboard because it is non-collapsible.
  • If you do not have cardboards of the perfect size, get cheap cardboard boxes from retailers.
  • No matter how good cardboard is, go for corrugated wholesale cardboard boxes to make a durable and strong kitchen.


  • To give a more unique and appealing outlook to your play kitchen use custom printed material. There are a lot of templates available online that just need to be printed and use.


It is not as hard as it sounds, especially when you have these steps to follow.

  • Take big cardboard for the stove, one in the size of a sink, and two for the refrigerator (one for the lower part and the other one that goes on top to make ice part).
  • Make cut-outs for the doors for oven opening, sink, and doors for the fridge.
  • You are just away from attaching the pieces to make an amazing play kitchen.
  • To make a full counter set, place the sink and the fridge on the sides of the stove.
  • Now comes the wrapping of your favorite sheet to give a funky and old outlook to the boxes.
  • Place your custom made handles on the boxes with a hot glue gun.
  • Hot glue gun custom buttons and other parts of the kitchen to the boxes.


  • Instead of going for plastic or other handles try some knobs or woollen threads to make the handle as they will stay longer and are easy to use.
  • Use colorful clothes to cover the area under the sink like polka dots, patterns, favorite cartoon character of your kid or some lines, etc.
  • To give your fridge an outstanding appearance use custom stickers as a magnet to make it look more colorful and interacting for the kids
  • Add play items like veggies, fruits, milk, eggs, and other things at their places.

Fancy it up

Kids love to have playdates. To give your kitchen an incredibly unique appearance go for some extended counters, which you can always add or remove according to the need. You can turn your kitchen in into a tea stall, ice parlor, or a little restaurant with these counters.

Print custom menu or shop tags that you can paste on the counters.

Some plastic kids’ chair and a table would not hurt to create an ambience.

It is all possible because of custom cardboard boxes USA as they are the most versatile when it comes to customization in terms of shapes, sizes, and designs. You can mold it in any shape or sizes to modify your DIY in the most effective way, which makes it more fun for everyone.

Be unique and imaginative or let your kids pitch in the ideas for embellishment.