Tips to Buy Pakistani Designer Dresses in the UK

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When you head online at Filhaal UK, how do you know which dress to buy. Pakistani dresses come in all different shapes, sizes, colours and patterns. The cuts can be simple and elegant or they can be bolder and more elaborate. Each Pakistani dress sold at Filhaal UK online is expertly chosen for its high quality craftsmanship, its beautiful design and its reasonable price. Filhaal UK aims to provide the finest garments for Pakistani women across the UK and beyond.  When you are selecting the next addition to your wardrobe, you may have an occasion, event or outing in mind. Follow this guide and consider these tips when buying Pakistani designer dresses in the UK.

Salwar Kameez

A traditional salwar kameez is a great combination of tradition and elegance. Many designers choose these as their staple when creating their collections. Choose yourself the traditional A shape and consider the three parts of the garment. The kameez, the embroidered shawl and the trousers need to work seamlessly together. The more flowing the design, the more forgiving it will be on the fuller body shape. You could opt for a simple and subtle hue of yellow, green. Peach or sky blue. However, if you are feeling bolder and want to express your vibrant personality, consider more elaborate reds, golds and bright orange. The salwar kameez can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the sort of colour, pattern or cut you go for. Allow the occasion to dictate your Pakistani dress choice.


If you are buying a traditional and designer kameez online, make sure you check out the embroidery. Zoom in on all of the photographs and try and focus on the stitching. At Filhaal UK online, you can be sure of only the most expert and top quality embroidery on our designer dresses.

You need to be looking out for words such as zardosi in the product descriptions as this signifies a traditional and artisan embroidery method. Often the embroidery can contain beautiful embellishments such as metal or precious stones. This makes these designer dresses perfect for formal occasions or weddings. Masnat can be a stunning patchwork embroidery that you might want to consider. Hand woven zari work is often seen on velvet cloths and can be seen on many kameez shawls. Alternatively, you might want a simple lace design. This embroidery is called gota and can look highly feminine and pretty.


Pakistani dresses that are designer utilise the finest quality fabrics. At Filhaal UK, we stock a range of different outfits to suit all occasions. You could choose from luxury velvet, one hundred per cent cotton, or lighter linen for your dupatta, kameez or trousers. Each fabric will give your dress a different feel and style. Chiffon, silk and satin are popular choices for weddings and extravagant events.


Those Pakistani dresses that use more ornate detailing, embellishments and embroidery lend themselves to more formal occasions. You might want a velvet salwar kameez for a dinner party, a corporate event or a wedding. Silk and chiffon is also elegant and looks extravagant. For more every day wear, simple linen and cotton may suffice, especially if the weather is warmer and you might be outdoors most of the time. Consider the usage of your attire to help you to choose the most appropriate garment.


Different prints, designs and embellishments can give your dress a different feel and vibe depending on the occasion. You might also want to consider the cut of your Pakistani dress. You could go for a bespoke and measured suit perfect for your frame. Or you could buy off the peg. Designer dresses can also be altered as needed. You might want to consider shopping online and purchasing a cut or fit as close to your size as possible. Each dress that is designer will have a standard waist, bust and hip measurement so it can be simple to choose your perfect fit.

If you are eager to invest in a designer Pakistani dress or two for your wardrobe, you need to check out these tips to help you find your perfect garment. It can be challenging in the UK to find the perfect Pakistani dress on the high street. You need to explore online options to expand your garment horizons. This opens up a whole new world of dresses. Venture onto Filhaal UK online to enjoy a vast array of options and designer dresses to choose from.