Tips For Women’s Preppy Style

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By Brandon

Three words that best describe preppy style are crisp, clean, and elegant. If you want to attain an effortlessly classic style while wearing seemingly simple apparel, there are several things to consider.

Do you need some help with your sartorial preppy? You won’t need to worry because this article has all the information you need. This article will go through some techniques for enhancing the appearance of your preppy apparel. Let’s move forward!

  1. Never Again Blouses

A staple of preppy fashion is feminine, delicate, and breezy blouses. There are many different styles available, such as long and short sleeves, patterned and plain, loud and quiet, etc. You can always add a blouse to your outfit. Classic fashions include flowing blouses with ruffled sleeves, feminine shirts with pussy-bows attached in the front, and more. Wear a long-sleeved shirt with a pair of blue jeans for an easygoing, casual look. Or, wear a white sleeveless shirt with a pencil skirt like this one for a look that is perfect for an office day.

  1. Shoe Selection

Although preppy shoes are frequently simple, they complete your look and create the idea that you power walk everywhere you go. These should be your go-to footwear in your ideal prep world, even if you can wear any kind of shoe with a preppy ensemble (perhaps not combat boots though).

  • The Mary Janes: These shoes first gained popularity in the 1920s and 1930s and were named after the shoes that a comic book character wore in the early 1900s. You may wear Mary Janes with a sheath dress, jeans, a jacket and slacks, and more because they match everything and are comfortable.


  • Ballet Flats: Ballet flats are another item that matches almost every preppy outfit. The typical colors for them are white, black, and navy blue, but you may also get nudes, brilliant colors for a “pop,” and preppy patterns like polka dots and plaid.


  • Loafers And Oxfords: For a British boarding school and preppy student style, go with loafers or oxfords. For the office, these look well with slacks, skits, and even jeans.


  • Boat Boots: You can instantly make a casual outfit preppy by adding a pair of timeless boat boots. Although men can wear boat shoes with “fancier” attire, most girly boat shoe combinations are more relaxed. Put them with white pants and a blue and white striped button top for an ensemble that will have you ready for a day out on the yacht or at the country club. A terrific summertime shoe that goes well with both shorts and skirts is the boat shoe.
  1. Preppy-Style Patterns

While the typical preppy hues are white, black, navy, and nude, patterns are an essential component of preppy attire. Common patterns on garments, pants, skirts and accessories include stripes, polka dots, plaid, and florals. If you want to go all out with your patterning, look for dresses with all-over patterns.

Alternately, to attain the ideal balance, pair a patterned cardigan, blouse, or accessory with mainly neutral tones.

  1. Preppy Style Color Options

The four primary colors of the style were listed in tip #3, but don’t let that limit you. Brightly colored pants in shades of red, white, pink, and other colors are usually part of girls’ prep clothing.

Vibrant neon pinks, greens, yellows, and blues are used extensively by many well-known clothing brands. Pastel colors, notably pinks, yellows, greens, and blues, are widely used in preppy fashion.

  1. Accessory Pieces Finish The Look

Your Preppy aesthetic outfit isn’t complete until you add on accessories, speaking of which. When it comes to jewelry, pearls are perfect. Pearl necklaces and earrings can look beautiful with both formal and casual prep clothing. A large statement necklace made of gold or silver can dress up a straightforward outfit.

A hat or headband is another common prep item for women. While larger bands, headbands embellished with pearls or diamonds, or headbands in brilliant colors demand a bit more risk, skinny black headbands mix nicely with the majority of clothes.