Tips For Recovering From Back Pain From a Car Accident

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Car accidents can happen in a fraction of seconds, and while you might not notice some of your injuries just after the accident, there’s a chance of some underlying pains and bruises inside your body. 


Sometimes these pains occur a little late; however, you are eligible for compensation if you suffer from back pain after a car accident. It may get difficult for you to tackle the insurance claims, so hiring a Fort Wayne auto accident attorney can help you deal with your insurance company.


Nevertheless, here are a few ways to recover from your car accident.


  • Ice packs and heat pads


While rest should be your priority in the case of back pain after a car accident, there are additional methods that may help you ease your pain. Ice and heat work the best for any mild back issues. 


Try treating the affected area with some ice packs to reduce any swelling. Then you can apply some heat to ease the pain. However, using heat directly to your injury will increase the swelling and bruises. 


However, providing heat after some ice will heal your injury faster. Heat will loosen up your back muscles that have gone rigid because of lack of movement. Applying heat will increase the blood flow, provide pain relief and relax any tensed muscles.


  • Low-intensity exercises


Typical back injuries may not make you feel like moving at all. But you must provide your back muscles some movement, so they do not get rigid. And the sooner they lose their rigidity, the sooner you will be free from the back pain.


Trying simple exercises like walking will preserve your muscle strength and help to heal any spine injuries. It is essential to regain your back muscle strength the help in supporting the spine and prevent any long-term back issues.


  • Relaxing massages


Massage therapy can do wonders for your back pain as it relaxes your muscles and heals any sprains or cramps. In addition, your massage therapist will suggest you some practices to help you recover faster. 


The stretches and exercises recommended by your massage therapist can help you gain muscle strength to support the injured area. Some physical therapies also consist of manual treatments that reduce your pain and stimulate blood circulation in specific areas.


While dealing with severe back pain, you might have to get medical treatments like medicines, physiotherapy, massage therapy, etc. These treatments will require time and money, which are supposed to be covered by your insurance company.


Dealing with the insurance company won’t be easy with back pain and treatments. So you should hire a lawyer to tackle any manipulation by the insurance company.