Ticket Moscow-Simferopol has risen in price by almost a quarter

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In February, the Moscow-Simferopol flight became the second most popular in the country.

According to analysts from the Tutu.ru website, in February travelers showed a special interest in the Crimean direction. A year ago, it occupied only the fourth line of the all-Russian rating.

It is noteworthy that the interest of passengers in Crimea is growing against the background of rising airfare. Over the past year, their average cost has increased by 20%. The check increased from 4,851 to 5,863 rubles.

It is worth mentioning that the first most popular flight was the Moscow-Sochi route, the third place in the ranking was taken by the St. The top five also includes Mineralnye Vody, Krasnodar and Makhachkala. The average cost of a flight from the capital across Russia was 5,442 rubles, 3% less than last year.