Three residents of the Kich-Gorodetsky district tried to force the witness to change his testimony

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The investigation of a criminal case against three residents of the Kich-Gorodetsky district of the Vologda region has been completed. Young people are accused of being compelled to give false testimony.

According to the Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Vologda Region, in February 2020, three residents of the Kich-Gorodetsky district decided to put pressure on a witness who testified in the case of their friend and relative. The latter were accused of setting fire to a private house. Young people found a 29-year-old eyewitness and demanded to change his testimony. They beat the young man, forcibly put him in the passenger compartment and trunk and transported him to different places. After that, the victim was released.

The young man turned to law enforcement agencies and did not change his testimony in the arson case. The accused were detained, they admitted their guilt.

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