Three Chinese spies expelled from UK over the past year

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Over the past 12 months, British authorities have expelled three Chinese spies, posing as journalists, from the country, according to the Telegraph newspaper, citing sources in British politics.

As noted, three Chinese citizens who arrived in the UK on journalistic visas as employees of three different Chinese media outlets were actually on the staff of the Chinese Ministry of State Security.

According to the publication, the true identity of the alleged journalists was revealed by MI5 (British counterintelligence) officers, as a result of which they were forced to leave the country.

The newspaper claims that the British authorities are going to revise the current legislation on espionage. Toughening and expanding amendments are going to be submitted to parliament for consideration, its next session will start in May. The amendments propose, for example, to introduce compulsory registration of all agents and lobbyists acting in the interests of foreign states, under the threat of imprisonment or deportation.

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