There will not be a sharp rise in the price of water in Crimea – they promise a gradual change in the tariff

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The introduction of a schedule for water supply in a number of regions of the Republic of Crimea did not affect the level of payments for the consumed resource. So, at the end of 2020, the population payment rate was 101%. Olga Ryabenkaya, Sales Director of the State Unitary Enterprise of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Water of Crimea”, spoke about this.

“Our company has done a lot of work with subscribers,” says Olga Ryabenkaya. “We addressed consumers directly through print media, radio and television. The reason for the restrictions was fully covered, and people understood the situation correctly. As of January 1, 2021, the total amount of debt for water, both by the population and by industrial enterprises, amounted to 393 million rubles. To correctly assess the amount of debt, I will give the following indicator: the amount of sale / sale of the resource in December 2020 for all groups of consumers amounted to 278 million rubles.

As the interlocutor noted, the Crimean indicator looks very worthy against the background of the indicators of other regions of the country. According to her, in a number of them, the introduction of a schedule for the supply of the resource and the pandemic mode contributed to a decrease in the level of payment by 30-70%.

“We try to maintain payment for services at a level that allows the company to operate in a regular mode,” says Olga Ryabenkaya. – For this, various measures are applied: negotiation, notification, incentive and compulsory.

– Which group of consumers is the easiest in dealing with issues of payment for water: population or enterprises?

– It is easier to work with enterprises and organizations: the end of the calendar year comes, and the budget pays off the existing debt, the legislation allows legal entities to apply extreme – radical measures in the form of restrictions on both water supply and sewerage. With the population, everything is much more complicated. Let me remind you that due to the coronavirus, since April 2020, we have not disconnected debtors from the resource and have not charged a penalty for debts. But already from January 1, 20201, the current standards have been restored.

– What mechanism helps to influence subscribers without the use of harsh measures?

– If the question concerns the private sector of cities and rural settlements, we involve deputies. We go out to the polling stations, talk with people, give explanations on the current situation. Everything is quite simple: the level of payment for water determines the quality of service delivery. Our company has purchased 38 cash registers. We announce in advance about the departure of the mobile cash register, and people get the opportunity to pay for the service without leaving the regional center and without any additional charges and commissions. Also, post-terminals have been introduced in subscriber services, through which you can pay for the service with a card and also without commission fees.

The use of alternative sources of water entails an increase in the cost of its supply. As the interlocutor explained, the main graph of the rise in price is related to the cost of electricity for pumping equipment.

“As of today, for Voda Kryma, these costs have the status of falling costs,” says Olga Ryabenkaya. – But according to the laws of pricing, they will be reflected in the tariff for consumers.

– When to expect the nearest increase in the cost of water for subscribers?

– There will be no sharp jump in prices in the region. According to the order of the State Committee for Centers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, from July 1, 2021, the tariff for water supply for the population will increase by a little over 3 percent. In monetary terms, one cubic meter of water will cost 32 rubles 69 kopecks. Today this figure is 31 rubles 55 kopecks.

As Olga Ryabenkaya clarified, the absence of a payment receipt for any reason should not become the basis for the accumulation of debt.

– We make every effort to ensure that the receipts arrive on time, but if the invoice has not arrived, you can always contact the subscriber department. You can also reconcile charges by phone, through the district controller and the operator of the settlement center. Our hotline operates around the clock: 8 800 506 0005 and 8 800 506 0006. We are always happy to communicate with the subscriber and are ready to meet halfway, accepting those conditions that are beneficial for the consumer, taking into account his capabilities and financial status (installment agreements, restructuring debt, settlement agreements). You can clarify the debt and make payment through the GIS Housing and Communal Services. Complete information in this source appears on the 1st of every month.

– Watering time is approaching: how will it proceed in conditions of limited water supply?

– At the level of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Crimea, there is a ban on the use of high-quality groundwater for irrigation and technical purposes. However, due to the conditions prevailing in Crimea, our subscribers, who have a green zone, will water it taking into account the regime water supply. This will be possible under the conditions of the water supply schedule. Human rights will not be infringed, but we must all remember about respecting water.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 11 dated March 10, 2021

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