“There are no principles”: disguised Kirkorov found out the opinion of Russians about himself

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Philip Kirkorov arranged a competition with tiktoker Dania Milokhin, who will earn more tips while working in a regular vacancy. Kirkorov became a taxi driver, and Milokhin became a courier. Philip Bedrosovich had to pull on the hood, put on a mask and change his voice a little in order not to be immediately recognized by the passengers. So he gave a lift to several people.

First, Kirkorov gave a ride to an elderly woman. He asked her what she thought of the famous singer. “I’ll tell you about Kirkorov: at one time I liked him very much, but now, probably, you know, views are changing,” she said neutrally. And then she added that Kirkorov has songs that she likes. The “driver” responded by saying that he gave Kirkorov a lift, and he left a “good” tip. “Not greedy!” – said the artist.

After a while, he revealed his identity by removing the mask, causing genuine surprise in the Russian woman. The singer asked her for a tip, but she did not have cash with her, and she called a relative to send her money on the phone. She asked for 500 rubles, but a relative, having found out who the old woman was traveling with, sent her a thousand.

The next passenger of Kirkorov was a young man who identified himself as an actor. He said that he was noddingly familiar with Alexander Petrov. The “driver” asked the man what he thinks about Kirkorov. The guy replied that the artist “climbs everywhere.” “It’s just the person who does the entire show. He has no principles, it seems to me. And this is not very good, ”the Russian voiced his opinion.

Soon Kirkorov could not stand it, and took off the mask, and then performed one of the songs at all. The Russian pretended not to recognize the star. “So I don’t understand, did you understand or did not understand that I am Kirkorov?” – asked the artist. The boy replied that he understood everything, but decided to “keep the brand.”

The next passengers of Kirkorov were three girls. The artist turned on the music for them, but they admitted that they did not like the track. Then the singer revealed his identity, and one of the girls cried out “Lord, God!”, Immediately admitting that she almost got a heart attack.