Theater critic Lyubimov found it mean to urge children to participate in illegal actions

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The rector of Shchepkina’s theater school, professor, theater critic Boris Lyubimov considered the calls for children to take part in illegal actions as vile and shameful. He announced this on January 22 to the REN TV channel.

According to Lyubimov, such calls are very dangerous, since everyone knows how they can end.

“It is shameful and despicable to call them at risk, for possible injury and even possible death,” he stressed.

As the professor added, children are poorly versed in the current events, so they follow those who “called them louder and more seductively.”

In turn, People’s Artist of Russia, Rector of the Academy of Russian Ballet. AND I. Vaganova Nikolai Tsiskaridze also criticized those who urge children to go to the actions not coordinated by the authorities.

“The worst thing is to involve minors in anything. I take it negatively “, – he noted in an interview with journalists of the TV channel.

According to him, he works a lot with children and has repeatedly observed how adults involve them in their conflicts. As a result, this negatively affects children.

Earlier on Friday, the president of the League of Nation’s Health, chief freelance specialist, cardiovascular surgeon of the Ministry of Health of Russia, academician Leo Bokeria called those who call children to participate in unauthorized rallies as scoundrels.

On the eve, the hashtag #ChildrenVnePolitiki was launched on the Internet in order to ensure the safety of minors in connection with calls to go to unauthorized actions on Saturday, January 23.

Earlier this week, the Russian Interior Ministry reminded citizens of the administrative responsibility for calls to participate in unsanctioned rallies. Police officers prepare to police the January 23 rally.

The Prosecutor General’s Office demanded to restrict access to websites that publish calls for teenagers to take part in illegal actions on the coming Saturday.

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