The wreckage of the demolished station in Toksovo was piled on the shore of the lake nearby

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On April 29, eyewitnesses reported that the fragments of the demolished historic building of the station in Toksovo were dumped in the forest, relatively close to the station, on the shore of Lake Lassilampi. This relatively small reservoir is one of the picturesque Kavgolovskoe lakes, and it can in no way be considered a place for storing construction waste.

Meanwhile, the Russian Railways company managed to call the messages about the destruction of the historic building (which actually took place) as “speculation”. In the material on the St. Petersburg TV channel, the railway workers remind that the station of the 1916 project was rebuilt in the 40-50s of the last century and therefore “cannot be considered historical”. Meanwhile, the current project provides for the restoration of the exterior using authentic materials corresponding to the drawings of 1916. They also promise to restore “structures and decorative elements of facades.”

However, in any case, a dump of wreckage (even if it is not entirely historical) in the wrong place may become a reason for a separate investigation.