The wing of the Chekhov House Museum in Yalta will be reopened for tourists

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On May 1, in Yalta, an exposition with unique items of the Chekhov family life in the annex of the writer’s house-museum will reopen for visiting. It will be called “Life of the Chekhov Family” and will be located where the kitchen used to be.

As the chief curator of the Crimean literary and artistic memorial museum-reserve Vladislav Kozhin told IA “Kryminform”, this year the exhibition will feature a unique exhibit – a spinning wheel, which was presented to the museum by the guest of the White Dacha Lyudmila Zagorets. According to her, earlier this spinning wheel belonged to the Chekhovs’ cook Maryushka.

Also, tourists will be shown surprisingly functional refrigerators, cabinets of a special design, using the principle of a thermos. The upper compartment was filled with ice, which was brought from the Ay-Petrinskaya yayla, and food was placed on the lower shelves. The water formed after the ice melted was drained through a special tap.

The exposition of the memorial wing restores 1904, the last year of Chekhov’s stay in Yalta. However, it also includes later items from the memorial fund of the museum.

On April 21, it was reported that from Yalta, from the walls of the White Dacha, a bike ride “Chekhov’s Roads: Crimea-Sakhalin” started. A traveler from Aleksandrovsk-Sakhalinsky, Vladimir Ravdugin, takes part in it. Employees of the White Dacha presented the cyclist with a sprout of the Himalayan cedar, which has been growing in Chekhov’s garden for more than 100 years. Ravdugin can plant this tree on Sakhalin as a sign of the continuity of generations and cultural communication between Chekhov’s museums.