The widow of the author of the Sad Angel Roman Shustrov told how the police beat her with a shocker

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The widow of the author of the monument to the dead doctors in Karpovka, sculptor Roman Shustrov, Maria Kasyanenko, said on her Facebook that she had participated in a rally in defense of Alexei Navalny, unapproved by the authorities, and was detained by the police.

Maria Kasyanenko said that she was on Isakievskaya Square when people quickly walked through the passage and were being chased by the security forces. Two young people – a guy and a girl – were detained, and Maria Kasyanenko said loudly in the back of the security forces: “Shame!”

Two security officials began to detain the woman, one of them hit her with an electric shock.

It was unpleasant and painful, but since at the same time he strongly tugged at my hand, which was in my pocket (with the words “take your hands out of your pockets”), then, accordingly, my attention was scattered on this – because in my pocket there was the phone and I almost dropped it – and if I twitched, he did not notice, because he pulled it harder.

In general, it seemed to him that he missed or hit not hard enough, so he repeated the hit lower and stronger. And so it turned out take two“, – said Maria Kasyanenko on your Facebook page.

The woman twisted her hands and, according to her, asked why she was beaten with a shocker, because she does not resist.

“In response, the same employee hit me a third time with the words:“ Do I look like a joker? ”

I don’t know what he meant, but, forgive me, my adrenaline had already gone off scale by this moment that I quite clearly and loudly said out loud exactly what I thought: “No, they don’t look like a joker. Rather, they look like a sadist.” For which, of course, she immediately got another blow “, – written by a woman.

In the paddy wagon, Maria Kasyanenko was taken to the police station and a report was drawn up there about, as the woman said, “violation of covid rules”.