The widow of Tabakov smashed Proklov for allegations of harassment

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Actress and TV presenter Elena Proklova again spoke about the harassment. Several years ago, she gave an interview in which she confessed to harassment by the actor Oleg Tabakov. At that time, she was underage, and the master allegedly came to her parents and asked for blessings. He announced that he intends to marry Elena as soon as she turns 18.

Now Proklova, in the program “Secret for a Million” on the NTV channel, told how a famous actor harassed her when she was 15 years old. She did not give her name, but many suggested that it was again about Oleg Tabakov.

What is happening has already been commented on by the widow of Oleg Pavlovich. Marina Zudina published a post in which she congratulated everyone on Palm Sunday. She also wished that “no human stupidity could spoil your day.” She wished the same for herself.

According to “StarHit”, subscribers began to write to her about the statements of 67-year-old Proklova. Nevertheless, Zudina only said: “I am ashamed of an elderly woman who has nothing to attract attention. May God forgive her,” she stressed. Then Zudina closed comments on the publication.

In her revelations, Proklova complained that due to the harassment of that man, she was never able to build a healthy relationship with any person. She has a psychological trauma that concerns intimate relationships.