The WHO announced the achievement of herd immunity only through vaccination

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Large-scale herd immunity against COVID-19 can only be achieved through vaccination of the population. So says the chief researcher of the World Health Organization (WHO) Sumya Swaminathan. An interview with her was published on Monday, March 1, on the WHO page in Twitter

According to her, almost 500 studies carried out in the world showed that “less than 10% of the world’s population now have antibodies to this coronavirus,” while the chief researcher added that there are territories, especially in urban areas with a high population density, where 50 60% of residents have been exposed to the virus and have antibodies, but this does not mean that “an entire city, province or country has achieved herd immunity.”

Swaminathan noted that if residents of these territories, who do not have antibodies, come to places where the level of herd immunity is lower than in their city, they may become infected.

“The only way to achieve herd immunity of this scale is vaccination,” she said.

Therefore, the expert stressed, WHO draws attention to the international mechanism of access to COVAX vaccines, so that “all countries have vaccines and vaccinations are made as soon as possible.” Until this happens, every possible precaution must be taken to reduce the spread of coronavirus infection.

COVAX is an international mechanism within the WHO, in which 190 countries and economies participate. In accordance with its terms, high-income countries pay for the purchase of vaccines for less prosperous countries. It is planned that under the program, by the end of 2021, 2 billion doses of coronavirus vaccines should be produced and evenly distributed around the world. Last week, the first COVAX deliveries were made to Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire.

On January 22, UN independent expert on human rights and international solidarity, Obiora Okafor, noted that countries with high per capita incomes that have secured themselves with COVID-19 vaccines should pay attention to their fair distribution under the international COVAX mechanism.

Also, the head of the World Health Organization (WHO, Tedros Ghebreyesus, said on January 18 that the world is teetering on the brink of a moral catastrophe, and the plan to provide residents of different countries with a vaccine against coronavirus infection on equal terms is currently under threat.

On February 19, infectious disease doctor Evgeny Timakov provided data that from 20 to 70% of the Russian population already have antibodies to coronavirus infection, the proportion varies depending on the region.