The White House lowered flags after the death of a police officer at the Capitol

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US President Joe Biden ordered the flags to be lowered over the White House in memory of police officer William Evans, who died on April 2 in an incident near the Capitol building in Washington.

According to the American leader, he and his wife “were heartbroken” after the news of the death of Evans, who served in the Capitol police for 18 years.

“Now that we are mourning the loss of another courageous Capitol police officer, I have ordered the flags of the White House to be lowered,” Biden said in a statement.

On Friday, a car driver crashed into a checkpoint outside the US Congress building, and then got out of the car and began brandishing a knife. The police had to shoot him and take him into custody. The attacker was later reported to have died. In addition, one of the two police officers injured in the incident at the Capitol died.

According to media reports, the culprit of the attack was Noah Green, a 25-year-old resident of Indiana, who shared the ideas of the Nation of Islam movement.

In connection with the incident, the Capitol building was closed at the entrance and exit, the employees were forbidden to approach the windows.

Fox News broadcast a video of the alleged suspect in the attack on police officers.