The VIII International Laser Tag Festival was held in the Smolensk Region

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The VIII International Festival of Laser Tag “May Maneuvers” was held in the Smolensk Region. The event was supported by the administration of the Smolensk region. This event has no analogues in the world. The venue for the festival was the village of Gusino, Krasninsky District. The event was attended by 30 teams from Russia, Belarus, Germany, Lithuania, Malta and Kazakhstan. The total number of participants reached 400 people.

“May Maneuvers” annually gather many participants and spectators. This year the teams competed in the Open Laserwar Cup tournament, which used pyrotechnics and combat vehicles – armored personnel carriers, helicopters, trucks and other military equipment. Also, the participants of the event overcame the obstacle course and participated in the “hunger games”, and during the break between the competitions they were able to taste food from the army field kitchen.