The US proposed to “eliminate the imbalance” between Washington and Beijing

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US senators have proposed a bill on the principle of full reciprocity – 2021 for consideration by Congress, which should eliminate the “significant imbalance” in relations between the United States and China. This is stated in the document, which RT got acquainted with on Wednesday, April 28.

The bill was sponsored by Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen and his Republican counterpart Dan Sullivan. In particular, they pointed to several areas of cooperation in which they are concerned. Among them are trade, diplomacy, education and communications.

The document refers to cases when Beijing denies the right of entry to American diplomats and other officials, and also restricts the movement of representatives of the press from the United States around the country.

In addition, China gives “huge subsidies” to its agriculture, steel and aluminum industries, which “harms free competition within the country and globally,” the document says.

In a press release, Van Hollen clarifies that the bill directly instructs the administration of US President Joe Biden to develop a detailed report for the US Congress, which describes in detail the obstacles created by China.

Wang Hollen also believes that “the time has come to end the one-sided approach” on the part of China.

Sullivan, for his part, pointed out that for “decades” American citizens, businesses and organizations operating in China have faced “significant restrictions and censorship.” According to him, it is necessary to take measures and protect the interests of the Americans.

On April 18, Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Le Yucheng said that competition between the United States and China was inevitable, but Beijing was in favor of keeping it healthy. He noted that China and the United States are the largest economies in the world, therefore they are obliged to settle relations.