The United States plans to sell five P-8A patrol aircraft for $ 1.8 billion to Germany

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The United States intends to supply Germany with five P-8A patrol aircraft and related equipment for a total of $ 1.77 billion. responsible for the supply of military equipment and weapons abroad.

Permission for the implementation of the current agreement between Washington and Berlin, which, in accordance with national law, is issued by the US Foreign Ministry, has been received. The White House has already officially notified the US Congress of the decision. Now lawmakers must study these new agreements and their possible blocking within 30 days.

According to the State Department and the Department of Defense, the execution of contracts is in the interests of “US foreign policy and national security,” and the deals “will not change the basic military balance in the region.”

On October 22, 2020, the United States approved a new $ 1.8 billion supply of weapons to Taiwan. According to the Pentagon, the deal includes three weapons systems, including missile launchers, detection sensors and artillery.

In particular, 135 high-precision cruise missiles, mobile rocket launchers, and aerial reconnaissance modules that can be attached to fighters will be supplied to Taiwan.