The United States announced the impending crisis of national security due to the Biden reservations

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Former senior adviser to former US President Donald Trump Stephen Miller said that due to the mistakes and reservations of the current head of state, Joe Biden, America will face a national security crisis. He announced this on March 21 to Fox News.

“Our adversaries around the world — Iran, Russia, Venezuela and China — are looking at the United States and its president, who cannot pass an interview without a cheat sheet and falls three times while climbing the stairs. It’s sad to look at it, ”he said.

According to Miller, he climbed and descended the ladder on which Biden stumbled several times to board No. 1 many times. He noted that the military made sure that the steps were not slippery.

He explained why, in his opinion, Russian President Vladimir Putin is well aware of the real state of the “sharpness of mind” of the American leader, and for this reason invited Biden to hold a joint press conference in an online format.

Miller also noted that when “the president is not at home,” other countries see it and “taunt” the United States.

“This is humiliating,” the diplomat added.

Joe Biden, 78, became the oldest president since his election as head of state. His health has been the subject of discussion several times during the presidential race.

Last year, Forbes magazine published an article on its website discussing possible Biden’s dementia. Subsequently, this material was removed.

In early March 2020, Biden accidentally confused his sister with his wife. Addressing voters in Los Angeles, Biden introduced his sister Valerie to the audience, while gesturing to his wife standing next to him. Noticing the mistake, the former vice president corrected himself.

In October, Biden made a reservation by announcing his nomination for the Senate.

In November of the same year, Biden, while performing in Philadelphia, confused his granddaughter with his late son.

Already being the president of the United States, Biden threatened on March 17 that Russia would “answer” for “meddling” in the US elections.

The Kremlin expressed regret to this statement that the reason for such statements was “low-quality materials.” According to the press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov, this will harm “the already ailing Russian-American relations.” Putin, commenting on Biden’s words, wished him good health.

According to the American writer and journalist Roberto Quesada, Biden does not possess the skills of diplomatic communication and his words in an interview demonstrate the existence of “many problems” in the United States.

On March 19, Biden stumbled and fell several times as he climbed the ladder to the plane that was taking off for Atlanta. After the incident, which was actively discussed in the media and social networks, the press service of the White House issued a statement that the American leader is doing fine. The fall of the head of state was explained by a strong wind.