The United States announced plans to adjust the defense strategy and nuclear doctrine

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The US administration intends to amend the National Defense Strategy (SSS) and nuclear doctrine promulgated in 2018. This was announced on February 2 by the candidate for the post of First Deputy Secretary of Defense of the United States Kathleen Hicks.

Kathleen Hicks, nominated for the post by US President Joe Biden, noted that she would recommend revising or adjusting the AtoN. She added that it is worth considering the changing nature of threats.

Hicks intends to assess where the main threats to national security come from, as well as the United States’ approach to warfare. As she explained, an assessment of changes in the security situation will be carried out, priority goals and objectives of the defense will be determined.

“Nuclear deterrence is the cornerstone of America’s national security as long as nuclear threats exist,” Bloomberg quoted Kathleen Hicks as saying.

Hicks noted that the challenge for the United States is China, where military modernization continues, and Russia.

Earlier in January, Russia and the United States were able to agree on the extension of the Strategic Offensive Arms Treaty (START) until February 5, 2026. Within the framework of the START Treaty, the sides provide for the reduction of their nuclear potentials.

On January 26, Russian and US Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden held their first telephone conversation, during which they discussed the fate of the START Treaty. After that, the Russian leader submitted to the State Duma a bill on the ratification of the document.

The State Duma and the Federation Council ratified an agreement to extend the treaty on January 27.

At the same time, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov noted that no improvement in relations between Moscow and Washington after the extension of START-3 is planned.

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