The United States accused Russia of trying to prevent getting a vaccine against coronavirus

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Russia, as well as China and Iran, are trying to prevent the United States from developing a vaccine against the coronavirus, William Evanina, head of the US National Center for Counterintelligence and Security, said in an interview with Hearst TV.

“Three players – China, Russia and Iran – are trying to prevent us from getting the vaccine,” he said.

As soon as the United States succeeds in developing a vaccine, he said, the listed countries “will intend not to let us use it.” At the same time, the head of the American counterintelligence service did not provide any evidence to support what was said.

Evanina noted that Russia has begun to use new tactics compared to the one allegedly used in 2016.

“The change is that Russians no longer use bots and troll factories because they have been caught. Now they use the information of US citizens and artificially amplify it, ”said the head of US counterintelligence.

According to Evanina, Russia seeks to “sow discord and destroy democracy” in the United States.

The world’s first coronavirus vaccine was registered on August 11 in Russia. The drug developed by the specialists of the Gamaleya Center was named Sputnik V.

The second vaccine for this infection was developed by the Vector Center. On September 30, he received patents for a drug called EpiVacCorona. It was reported that post-registration studies will begin in November-December.

Russian President Vladimir Putin previously expressed confidence that the country will soon have a third vaccine against COVID-19.

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