The turnover of trade and services in March exceeded the indicator of 2020 by 28%

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The turnover of Moscow trade and service organizations in March 2021 reached 1.18 trillion rubles, 28% higher than in March last year, said Kirill Purtov, Minister of the Moscow Government, Head of the Department of Economic Policy and Development of the City.

“Since February, after a slight January decline in consumer activity, the aggregate turnovers of trading and service organizations have again exceeded 1 trillion rubles per month, which they reached in November last year,” the minister explained. – In March, the turnover of trade enterprises increased by 17% – up to 539.3 billion rubles, in particular, trade in non-food products showed an increase of 23% – 285.4 billion rubles. The revenue of the service sector in March reached 642.5 billion rubles, an increase of 39% compared to March last year. “

In turn, the turnover of the industries most affected by the restrictions in the pandemic in March 2021 amounted to 359.5 billion rubles, which is 32% more than in March 2020. Meanwhile, at the peak of the first wave of restrictions in April and May 2020, the turnover of the affected industries fell to 98 billion rubles and 121.8 billion rubles, respectively.

According to Kirill Purtov, at the end of March 2021, consumer services showed an increase in turnover by 21% compared to March last year – up to 8.1 billion rubles, public catering – by 23%, up to 30.7 billion rubles, the organization of culture, sports and leisure activities by 70% – up to 14.6 billion rubles.