The tiger attacked the woman who blocked his field: video

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A lost tiger attacked a car and knocked down a woman on the Russian-Chinese border. The video was published by the Amur Tiger Center and commented on the case on Instagram. Chinese farmers tried to drive the tiger out of their fields on their own.

A tiger entered Russia from China near the village of Turiy Rog on the northwestern shore of Lake Khanka. Then he decided to return to the Chinese side. ⠀ On the way back, he found himself in an unfamiliar landscape and got lost among the farm plots. When the farmers noticed him, they tried to drive the tiger away, chasing him in a car, which only provoked the animal to aggression.


“Despite the provocations, the tiger showed restraint and answered as correctly as possible. He crumpled one car a little, and carefully laid the woman, who had come out to block his path, on the ground. As a result, the tiger was caught by the specialists who arrived at the scene. Everyone is alive, ”the center said. Experts warned that this was extremely inappropriate behavior. You cannot provoke a large predator and try to solve something with it yourself, you need to call the specialists.