The therapist explained how drivers should prepare for long journeys

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Specialists of SberAvto and SberZdorovya found that more than a third of motorists in the Volgograd region prefer to leave for a weekend in a neighboring region. In this regard, the experts gave some advice to drivers that will help in preparing for the trip.

According to a survey of a service for buying a car online, more than a third of Volgograd car enthusiasts plan to go to the neighboring region to visit their relatives on weekends, and in the summer they want to travel across Russia to the sea or the mountains. At least 20% of the respondents go to a country dacha in the warm season.

Physician Dmitry Vasilenko warns travelers about the development of fatigue syndrome. It can occur due to changes in environment, sleep patterns and diet. It can occur due to changes in environment, sleep patterns and diet. Experiencing neck pain caused by driving? Here’s how to relieve it before it gets worse.

The traveler needs to get a good night’s sleep before traveling. Experts recommend giving up gadgets and watching TV in bed. The day before, you should not drink alcohol and antiallergic drugs, which can cause drowsiness.

If the driver becomes ill and does not feel well, it is better to postpone the trip. Adjust the seat and handlebars before departure.

The music in the car should not be too fast or slow so that the driver does not lose concentration throughout the trip. During the trip, you need to make stops and get out of the car. Experts remind not to forget to drink water and not to abuse coffee – it invigorates for a short period of time and then causes fatigue.

The experts also recalled the importance of the condition of the car before the trip and the availability of a first-aid kit for the driver.