The SYPWAI space: a new project to improve artificial intelligence

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By Henry Jackson

The name SYPWAI LTD was first made public four years ago. At that time, The Neurosphere presented this start-up intending to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to help various areas of the business to automate, accelerate and improve work processes. The promising and dynamic project quickly attracted the interest of investors from all over the world, which resulted in a $90 million grant from Asapa Foundation. With such an infusion, SYPWAI has tripled its development pace by 2020 and has overtaken many competing companies.

SYPWAI today

SYPWAI is developing a system unlike any other. It enables everyone to tap into the skills of artificial intelligence. Any area of business regardless of scope, staff size, or direction can use SYPWAI AI. This development will enable business owners to optimize processes through the unique way of deep learning neural networks and machine learning.
The SYPWAI platform can be applied in different ways. Artificial intelligence will help optimize any business process without the involvement of paid consultants, or highly specialized specialists. Artificial intelligence technology enables a company to analyze incoming information by itself, understand it, and make weighted decisions on this basis. The result is guaranteed development and a leading position amongst competitors.

Learning AI with SYPWAI

Business development is not the only thing the SYPWAI platform can do. To make artificial intelligence work for the benefit of humanity in general and the development of the company in particular, there is a condition – machine learning. Thanks to such learning methods, neural complexes can learn to identify algorithms independently, enabling accurate forecasts to be generated based on the resulting metrics. Paradoxically, machine learning requires humans.
SYPWAI has a platform on which the user can participate in the development and ‘maturation’ of Artificial Intelligence. The neural web is trained on the principle of solving hundreds of different logical problems. It can be done by anyone, even those with no experience or knowledge in the field. The fact that it is easy to learn is not the only advantage. The process provides the opportunity to generate income.
Thousands of people from all over the world are now working with the platform. Most of the tasks they do are very similar to logic puzzles for primary school-age children. The remaining tasks are more complicated and designed for specialists in a narrow field. Anyone can get a job, and there are enough tasks for everyone. The more participants in the training, the better for neural networks. The income in this project depends on the time spent and the effort put in by the worker. Training can be a pleasant part-time job if you spend a couple of hours a day on it, or it can be a major source of income if you are fully involved.

Cooperation with SYPWAI

  • Anyone can become a member of the program. The main prerequisite is that you must be of legal age. The minimum age must be at least 18, and there are no restrictions on the maximum age or education or place of residence. For work one will need:
    computer (laptop or desktop) or smartphone;
  • stable Internet connection
  • a special minicomputer that provides integration into the SYPWAI service.

Minicomputer: what is it?

For AI training a special device, a Raspberry Pi, is needed which has the appropriate software. The device can be considered an ordinary computer, only there is a difference – its size is identical to the size of a payment card. Such a device on a single board is very productive and is optimally suited for processing large amounts of tasks in the SYPWAI program.
The mini PC is very fast. As well as training AI, the device can be used to surf the web, listen to favorite music, and remotely control and organize smart systems.

Artificial intelligence training: how it pays?

SYPWAI does not skimp on its projects. The service offers generous rewards for AI training tasks. So, giving even a few hours a day to this work, you can earn about $600 a month. Logically, if you work a standard working day, you can earn much more.
The company is willing to pay its remote employees in several convenient ways. The employer agrees to pay their earnings in cryptocurrency, by transfer to payment cards (Visa or MasterCard) or electronic wallets, as well as through the service PayPal.

How to apply for a job at SYPWAI?

  • To become a participant in the startup and integrate into the platform, you must follow these consecutive steps:
  • Place an order for a minicomputer.
  • Complete a simple registration on the website: leave a phone number, and come up with a username and password.
  • Wait for SMS confirmation on your phone and enter the code received.
  • Confirm data on relevance via email.Full registration takes no more than 15 minutes. Afterward, the participant receives detailed instructions for further cooperation as well as the possibility to update the payment data.
    Registration is also worthwhile for another reason: it will provide future platform members with significant advantages. Registered users can become members of an affiliate program as well as have an opportunity to increase their earnings by purchasing additional packages and options.
    The SYPWAI platform is a place for creators who want to create a new world. Make history and earn money from it.