The Swedish parliament proposed to take action against Russia because of the explosions in Vrbetica

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Swedish parliament member Hans Wallmark proposed to take action against the Russian embassy because of accusations of the Czech Republic in the involvement of the Russian Federation in the explosions in Vrbetica. The parliamentarian appealed to Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde, reports RT.

The text of the appeal says that in connection with the incidents in 2014, the Czech Republic called on friendly states to clarify their position. Sweden can also be referred to as friendly to the Czech Republic, the deputy said.

Prague called on the allies to expel “identified undercover Russian intelligence officers,” Wallmark said. He also pointed out that Sweden’s reaction to what happened in the Czech Republic was restrained. He asked Linda how the country is going to respond to the Czech Republic’s request for measures other than calling the Russian ambassador to Sweden to the Foreign Ministry.

The Czech Republic accused the Russian special services of involvement in the explosions at an ammunition depot in Vrbetica in 2014. After that, Moscow and Prague exchanged the expulsion of diplomatic workers and decided to equalize the number of employees of the embassies.