The surgeon spoke about the effect of curvature of the nasal septum on snoring

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Plastic surgeon, doctor of medical sciences Igor Korotky said on Monday, April 19, whether the curvature of the nasal septum affects the appearance of snoring in humans. The specialist noted that such a defect injures the nasal mucosa, which most often leads to swelling.

“The partition itself is mostly inside. What we see is the bridge of the nose. Most often, the baffle has an s-shaped change in configuration. And in this case, one nostril in a person does not breathe well. This leads to even greater difficulty in the function of the nose, namely the respiratory function, “the Zvezda TV channel quotes the doctor.

According to the specialist, because of this, discharge from the nasal cavity may appear, as well as inflammatory processes may begin. Sinusitis is also common.

The plastic surgeon added that it really becomes difficult for a person to breathe at night. Snoring can also increase due to this defect.

“The septum is not the only reason for snoring. But practically all those who have a septal curvature have problems with snoring, “said Korotkiy. He also clarified that the curvature of the septum can be congenital and traumatic.

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