The Suez Canal canceled the plan for the partial resumption of traffic

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Navigation on the Suez Canal in Egypt will resume only after the recovery of the grounded container ship Ever Given. This was announced on March 25 by the Suez Canal Administration.

Earlier it was planned to pass through the channel 13 ships located in the Port Said area.

“The maritime authorities said that 13 ships from the northern convoy of ships from Port Said should have passed, but they will remain moored in the transit zones until the end of the refloating of the vessel,” AFP quoted the spokesman for the Suez Canal Administration George Savfat as saying.

Eight tugboats help to cope with the consequences, the largest of which is capable of tipping up to 160 tons.

The operator of the ship Ever Given claims that strong winds were the cause of the incident.

On 23 March, in the south of the Suez Canal, the Panama-flagged container ship Ever Given ran aground, blocking the movement of more than 150 ships. The vessel was heading from China to the Dutch port of Rotterdam.

According to Aghvan Mikaelyan, a member of the board of directors of the international audit and consulting network FinExpertiza, the long-term blocking of the Suez Canal will disrupt trade chains.

The expert believes that the situation with the ship can be resolved within one day, while for the rest of the ships one day of downtime will not be critical, since the lost time, as the expert suggests, can be made up. He added that similar incidents in the Suez Canal had already happened in the past.