The Stylish Influence of Baseball

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There has always been a debate whether basketball or baseball uniforms look fashionably better. While this might be a polarizing subject for many, there is no denying that baseball is actually influencing many fashion trends, especially in streetwear. Though there are many NFL and NBA athletes that are also considered fashion icons, the baseball aesthetic itself is gradually becoming a fashion staple. 

While this might sound surprising, many types of baseball accessories have slowly made their way to streetwear. Though it may seem unnoticeable when worn individually, it does, however, really elevate the overall style and aesthetic when combined with the right pieces. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the most common baseball accessories that are increasingly becoming more popular today. 


  1. Windbreakers


We’re not just talking about the typical paneled windbreaker or anorak, we’re talking about boldly colored windbreakers with team logos and patches. These types of outerwear are typically worn on top of baseball uniforms and have a signature baggy style. 

Baseball windbreakers are widely embraced in the streetwear community and are even sold at extremely high prices when considered vintage memorabilia. They can be seen on many Hollywood celebrities and are typically used to add a more 3-dimensional look to minimal streetwear. 


  1. Graphic High Socks


Though high socks have always been a staple in the skateboarding community, they are also a common accessory for many baseball athletes on the pitch. Graphic high socks typically show the team’s logo or design and are usually in bright and bold colors. They can either be hidden under or shown over baseball uniforms depending on the athlete.

In today’s fashion trends, graphic high socks are often worn under cropped chinos or jeans to give a sneak peek of the design. They also come in bold and bright colors and are typically used as a form of streetwear accessory.


  1. Athletic Turtlenecks


Athletic turtlenecks are often worn by athletes underneath their baseball uniforms. They are often used as a form of protection from the sun, especially during hot summer games. Typically, athletic turtlenecks have an embroidered logo on the collar and are folded over for more ventilation. 

Interestingly many fashion companies have also adopted this design into their collections with embroidered brand logos. Many luxury brands seem to like this look and have even incorporated this type of design into their runway collections. 


  1. Wrap-Around Sunglasses


With fashion trends leaning towards the 90s era, wrap-around sunglasses have made a comeback into the streetwear scene. Though there are many versions of wrap-around sunglasses, ones with mirrored lenses seem to be the most popular. 


They are often coated in different colors and finding one that suits your outfit wouldn’t be as difficult since they are popular again in streetwear today. Just always make sure to pair them with the right pieces and accessories.


  1. Baseball Cap


The classic baseball cap has always been adored and loved by many fashion enthusiasts. Its iconic style has always been a trademark of American culture and streetwear fashion. 

Baseball uniforms would never be complete without a baseball cap and the same can be said for many casual outfits. A baseball cap can always elevate an entire look without adding too much effort just as long as you know how to coordinate the right colors.