The student spoke about the rescue from a burning hotel in Moscow

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One of the guests of a hotel in the southeast of the capital, where a fire had previously occurred, told REN TV about the incident.

According to her, she was woken up by screaming and having called the reception she found out that the hotel was on fire. When the girl asked “what should she do,” the administrator hung up.

As the interlocutor of the channel explained, the third floor was “in a cage.”

“I fought, fought, shouted:“ Save me! ”. I didn’t understand what to do, I already began to choke with this gas. It was all black. And then I took a rag. I ran out into the corridor and saw that everything was dark there. I could not, I was already suffocating … I took a rag, began to breathe in it, ”the student shared her memories.

Then, with a rag over her face, she ran out into the corridor and groped for the stairs and went downstairs. The girl added that on the way she came across two boys, took them and ran on with them.

“I saw in the dark somehow by touch, I got there… I was all black,” she said.

The girl added that the entire second floor of the hotel was occupied by children from the camp, there were many of them. She recalls that the children ran out barefoot. Whether there are victims among children, the channel’s interlocutor did not specify.

Earlier on Tuesday, May 4, it became known about a fire in the southeast of the capital in a five-story hotel. The fire took place on 6th Kozhukhovskaya Street, there was strong smoke in the building. The fire was classified in the second, increased, difficulty rank.

According to information provided by rescuers, the area of ​​the fire was 100 square meters. m, the flame engulfed the first floor and partly into the corridor. At the moment, the fire has been extinguished. The hotel administration reported that at the time of the fire there were 305 people in the building.