The stories of 50 exemplary families of the Tambov region were collected in one publication

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In September 2019, the autonomous non-profit organization “Center for Sociocultural Analytics” launched the project “Protecting the Family and Preserving Family Values ​​in the Tambov Region”, aimed at solving the problems of the modern family.

Within its framework, a special subproject “The Story of One Family” was developed, based on the idea of ​​telling about exemplary married couples in the region.

Work on the book and exhibition was carried out throughout the year. Specialists of the Center for Sociocultural Analytics visited many districts and villages of the Tambov region with interviews and photographs. An exhibition was organized to tell about strong matrimonial unions and remind Tambov residents of the immutable values.

The list of the best families in the region includes married couples who were able to carry love, loyalty and respect to each other through the years. The length of life of each of them is from 40 to 55 years.

The stories of 50 families of the Tambov region were collected in one publication, which was published at the end of 2020. The copies of the book were received by district libraries, civil registry offices of district administrations and each of the families participating in the project.

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