The State Duma will consider the draft law on disputes of buyers on the Internet

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The Russian government has submitted to the State Duma amendments to the consumer protection law, which will allow buyers and online sellers to file claims and settle disputes through a special online service before trial. This is stated on March 29 in the database of the lower house of parliament.

As follows from the document, an alternative mechanism for resolving disputes between consumers and sellers (performers) will appear in Russia through the Single Portal of State Services. The consumer will be able to send a complaint and requirements in electronic form and see the progress of the consideration of his application. The seller or contractor will be obliged to review the application and respond. The procedure for considering the dispute will be determined by the government.

The bill fixes that the online service will be free for both sellers and performers and buyers. Experts and independent specialists may be involved in the consideration of the dispute. As a result of negotiations, the parties can come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

It will be possible to make claims against both Russian sellers and Internet services, and foreign ones.

The idea of ​​an online service for the pre-trial settlement of consumer claims in the field of e-commerce is promoted by the UN Commission on International Trade Law, the mechanism itself is contained in the recommendations of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

As reported in the fall of 2020, Russians consider residents of neighboring areas to be the most reliable sellers and buyers. Ads placed next to users’ location inspire confidence in 32% of respondents.