The State Duma proposed to seize cars for “drunken accidents”

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State Duma Deputy Yaroslav Nilov published on his Telegram channel on April 6 a number of proposals to improve road safety.

In particular, the parliamentarian proposes to return to the idea of ​​punishing “drunken accidents” by seizing the car as an instrument of the offense. According to him, such a practice in Belarus has proven its effectiveness.

In addition, the parliamentarian proposed to introduce responsibility for aggressive driving and provide for more severe punishment for the recurrence of dangerous driving. Subject to proven intent, video recording and a court decision, Nilov emphasized.

“Only five years ago a definition of dangerous driving appeared in the SDA. And what about responsibility? She’s still gone. But we did not invent anything – this is an international practice. In the United States or in European countries, fans of “road checkers” will be immediately arrested for creating a dangerous situation, “said the parliamentarian.

In addition, the deputy proposed to tighten the liability under Article 264 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Violation of traffic rules and the operation of vehicles), introducing punishment for road accidents with injured and killed as a result of dangerous driving.

Nilov also proposed to prosecute for falsifying state numbers by analogy with falsifying documents. In order to eliminate the likelihood of head-on collisions, the deputy spoke in favor of installing bumpers on busy highways.

In his opinion, it is also necessary to fine-tune the system of photo and video recording of violations in Russia. Now it is used only for fixing and forming fines.

“It is possible with the help of these complexes to identify cars from the“ risk group ”, isolate them in the flow and carry out preventive work. And where do the violations that were recorded by cameras but formalized in the form of fines go to? Either the numbers are fake, or the vehicle is registered for deceased citizens, or it is generally removed from the registration register, ”the parliamentarian concluded.

On April 1, an accident occurred on the Garden Ring with the participation of pranker Edward Beale. According to the investigation, the blogger in a blue Audi drove into the oncoming lane and crashed into four cars. On April 6, it was reported that a Muscovite Maria Artemova, who was injured in this accident, came out of a coma.

Pranker became a suspect in a criminal case on violation of traffic rules and vehicle operation. Since the beginning of the year, the blogger has violated the speed limit more than 400 times: every day at least four or five such violations were recorded by cameras installed in Moscow.

On April 3, the court appointed Bil a preventive measure in the form of a ban on certain actions for a period until June 1. It was reported that the party injured in the accident did not agree with such a preventive measure.