The State Duma proposed to introduce unemployment insurance

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The State Duma proposed to introduce unemployment insurance in the development of transformations of the employment law. This was announced on Tuesday, April 27, by the first deputy head of the United Russia faction in the State Duma for legislative activity Andrei Isaev.

“We need very significant and qualitative changes. From our point of view, it is necessary to introduce insurance against unemployment, which exists in all countries of the world, “- said the deputy during a meeting with residents during a working trip to Udmurtia.

According to Isaev, it is important to make these changes so as not to burden employers. So, at present, he is obliged to notify the employee about the layoff two months in advance and pay severance pay. The proposal will provide for payments from the employment service, while employers will be obliged to pay insurance premiums.

As Isaev emphasized, many organizations with an unstable situation require workers to be fired of their own free will, depriving them of their rights when they are reduced.

“In this case, there will be no such need. The employment service will pay in full what the employer used to pay, ”the deputy concluded.

On April 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin, during the announcement of his message to the Federal Assembly, called for the restoration of the labor market in the country as soon as possible. He emphasized that last year the authorities directed “unprecedented resources to support the economy, including through concessional loans to pay salaries, and saved over 5 million jobs.”

The day before, the Ministry of Labor reported that the number of unemployed citizens officially registered in employment centers in Russia had dropped to 1.63 million people. Earlier this month, Minister of Labor and Social Protection Anton Kotyakov announced positive dynamics in solving the situation with unemployment in Russia.