The State Duma assessed the situation with collective immunity to COVID-19 in the Russian Federation

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In large cities, such as Moscow, most residents have already met with the coronavirus in one way or another and they have formed the necessary level of protection. This was told by a member of the State Duma Committee on Health Protection, Candidate of Medical Sciences Alexei Kurinny.

According to him, in large cities, in particular in Moscow, screening data showed that about 60% of residents had the infection.

“The big cities were the most affected places. In the capitals of the subjects, the situation is different, but the further to the east, the less the number of those who have recovered. In the middle lane – in the region of 40% in large cities ”, – the deputy was quoted on April 17 by radio Sputnik.

Kurinny noted that it will be possible to talk about herd immunity taking into account vaccination by the end of the summer. But for the formation of collective immunity, residents of the country need to be more actively vaccinated, the parliamentarian noted. According to him, residents of rural areas are less active in vaccinating than urban residents.

Kurinny also suggested that a third wave of the pandemic is possible in the spring, which will develop in different ways in large cities and beyond.

“I think there will be a wave, but it will be slightly less noticeable in large cities and the capital. Here the third wave will be smoothed out, but in other places, where the population has not been ill, the situation will be quite serious, ”the deputy stressed.

On April 16, State Duma deputy, ex-head of Rospotrebnadzor Gennady Onishchenko said that some Russian regions are already ready to cancel the mask regime introduced due to the spread of coronavirus.

Earlier on the same day, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova said that the increase in vaccination against COVID-19 in Russia allows us to expect the lifting of restrictions “some very near future”, but if they are abandoned, it is necessary to remain careful. According to her, the number of people who have been vaccinated against coronavirus in the country has exceeded 8 million.

On April 4, Golikova said that the number of Russians wishing to be vaccinated against COVID-19 has increased dramatically. It is especially important to be vaccinated before spring and summer in order to maintain the health of yourself and your loved ones, she said.

Large-scale vaccination of the population against coronavirus infection started in Russia on January 18. The vaccination is given free of charge to everyone.

Three COVID-19 vaccines have been registered in the country to date. The first vaccine in Russia and the world was Sputnik V, the drug was registered in August 2020. In October, President Vladimir Putin announced the registration of the second vaccine in Russia – a drug from the Vector Center, EpiVacCorona. The registration of the third Russian vaccine against coronavirus, KoviVac, became known in February 2021.