The squadron of the Kursk air regiment of the Western Military District conducted exercises in Karelia

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A squadron of the Kursk Fighter Aviation Regiment of the Western Military District (ZVO) carried out night launches of airborne guided weapons at the Ladoga training ground in Karelia, on Monday, March 29, the ZVO press service reported.

It is noted that during the exercise, the crews of heavy multipurpose fighters of the “4 ++” generation Su-30SM over Lake Ladoga with the help of optoelectronic means of aiming identified the air targets of the “enemy” and destroyed them with guided air-to-air missiles of close combat.

Light bombs were used as targets, which were launched at an altitude of 8 thousand meters.

In conclusion, techniques were worked out for intercepting aircraft and forcing them to land, conducting offensive and defensive air combat. The young pilots confirmed their qualification level to take up combat duty for the protection and defense of Russia’s southern borders in the Kursk region.

The total flight time of the pilots was about 20 hours, 15 missile launches were carried out, 10 aircraft and about 100 military personnel were involved.

Earlier, on March 18, the Military Space Forces of the Russian Federation (VKS), during a staff training held in Belarus, worked out the issue of redeploying Russian equipment to Belarusian airfields.