The specialist spoke about the restrictions for the owners of gas stoves

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Owners of gas stoves need to call specialists when connecting and disconnecting any gas equipment, as well as in the case of redevelopment of the premises where it is located, you cannot change the design of gas appliances or repair them yourself. Sergey Minko, General Director of the City Innovative Technologies company, told about this in an interview with the Prime agency.

According to him, it is also impossible to change the device of ventilation systems in rooms with gas equipment or close ventilation ducts.

“Calling the gas service to replace the stove is rare. We all see the result – there are occasional emergency situations in the country. This problem is really serious – it is unacceptable to change gas equipment without a gas service, ”the expert noted.

It is also prohibited to glue or brick up ventilation ducts, as well as pockets and hatches for cleaning chimneys.

“If you are sure that the channel is inoperative and want to liquidate it, you should contact the district administration. It is better to play it safe several times than to admit a tragedy, ”said the specialist.

According to Minko, the security system in the gas sector should be strengthened, and fines for violations should be toughened. He added that it is also necessary to increase the availability of gas services and create hot lines through which people can complain about the poor-quality work of the performers.