The son of an art blogger dies when a smartphone falls into a bathtub

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The son of the popular art blogger Anastasia Sosnovskaya died in the bathtub as a result of an electric shock from a smartphone that was charging. The woman herself wrote about this on her Instagram page on Friday, January 29.

Anastasia Sosnovskaya, Instagram

The 12-year-old boy passed away on January 10th. On Friday, the medical examiner said the death was due to electric shock. According to Sosnovskaya, the phone “fell on the stomach for a second” to the child. He managed to throw it on the floor, but it was too late.

In her address, the blogger urged parents to prohibit their children from using the phone in the bathroom, and also asked to spread her story in order to possibly save other lives.

In April 2019, a criminal case was opened in Norilsk over the death of a 12-year-old girl. Her body with no signs of life was found in the bathroom in the apartment where she lived. There was also a mobile phone with a charger. She died from an electric shock.

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