The Social Navigator service will appear in the Tver region

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It was noticed that not all residents of Tver fully understand what documents need to be submitted in order to receive certain payments. Therefore, it was decided to create the Social Navigator service, as reported by Igor Rudenya on April 29 on the Russia-24 TV channel.

– It is very important that the President gave us additional opportunities. The message was structured and consistent: education, health care, social support, economy, infrastructure development, general regional development and, of course, the basic factor of the country’s development – demography, says the governor.

Igor Rudenya also recalled the new measures to support families previously announced by the President. The governor also said that a new service will soon appear:

– We see how comprehensively and consistently measures are being developed to improve demography. Upon contacting the support center, it was noticed that people do not fully understand what documents need to be provided and cannot always get the necessary information, what needs to be collected and prepared. Therefore, it was decided to create the Social Navigator service. It will allow anyone who wants to navigate what payments are in the current moment of family development. We also improved the work of the payout center: at the moment all payments for March are closed and are completed in April. We collect part of the documents on new support measures through electronic document flow to make it easier for families to receive them. It is planned to simplify it as much as possible by the middle of summer and to conduct it through the MFC, – said Igor Rudenya.

Recall that the governor of the Tver region, Igor Rudenya, regularly addresses the population during the coronavirus pandemic. On April 29, he talks about what tasks set by the president will be implemented in the region. Also, questions will concern the May holidays, support for veterans, vaccinations and current statistics on COVID-19.