“The situation is disastrous”: a friend of Sergei Zverev spoke about the poverty of the stylist

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A friend of stylist Sergei Zverev told Popcake that the famous hairdresser and TV presenter had a difficult period in his life. This is due to the lack of touring. Zverev’s earnings have been greatly reduced, he lives on savings, and even on the red carpet at various events in old outfits.

It is known that Zverev has a network of salons. But for a long time they were closed due to coronavirus restrictions. Recently, they have been softened, but the stylist has not yet been able to compensate for the damage caused to the business. “Sergei is strong, proud and will never ask for help from colleagues, but his situation is dire. He is depressed, the last time I was with him, he had nothing to buy groceries, “- says an acquaintance of the star.

Zverev recently reported that he was considering becoming a State Duma deputy. His speech in defense of Lake Baikal caused a great resonance. “There are such suggestions and wishes from all over the world. “It’s time for you to run for the State Duma.” Of course, I began to think, ”wrote the stylist.

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