The Significant 3 Steps to find Vehicle Registration Details Online

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In a couple of months, the automobile industry in India has witnessed a bit of improvement. Yeah! That’s true; the launch of new car segments has excited the car buyers and led the sales graph upwards. Meanwhile, the availability of semiconductor chips and manageable commodity prices has also played a crucial role. However, the sale of 2-wheelers is still under pressure till June 2022.

There is a massive difference between car brands from June 2021 to June 2022 for domestic sales of the car. What is your plan to buy a new car soon? Wait! You should know about vehicle registration. If you are purchasing a used car, you can easily explore Car Owner Details.

How? To know this, read the blog carefully. The identity of the vehicle plays a crucial role, especially during hit-and-run scenes or accidents occurring on the road. Such cases need immediate action and thus require a vehicle registration number. The ways to check Vehicle Registration Details are as follows;

The Step-to-Step Guide To Check Vehicle Registration Details Online:

Finding vehicle registration is easy and simple. Within a few steps, you can get every detail of the car or bike you want to know. Trace bikes or car is easy as the Government of India gives citizens such efficiency. Launching the Vehicle History tool has made it possible, of course.

The collective digitized database will help you to fetch and tells about each and specific vehicle details you want to know. This is crucial to centralize all vehicle details, including driving licenses and registration certificates from DTOs and RTOs.

The process to check bike or Car RTO Information details online via this tool are:

  • Visit the official website of vehicle history for the vehicle owner’s name and other details.
  • You will find the “Check Any Vehicle History Online” option at the top navigation; just click on it.
  • Next is to enter your vehicle registration number (car, bike scooty number plate).
  • The process will ask for a human verification code, then click over “Check History.”
  • You can read and note every detail of the vehicle, such as the owner’s name, etc.
  • You will also get the efficiency to download and share automobile detail instantly.

The vehicle information/details will be included;

  • Vehicle Registration Number.
  • Vehicle Registration Date.
  • Chassis and Engine Number.
  • Vehicle Owner Name.
  • Vehicle Class or Type.
  • Fuel Type.
  • Model Type and Manufacturer.
  • Registration Expiry Date.
  • Road Tax Details.
  • Insurance Expiry Date (If any).
  • PUCC Expiry Date (Pollution Under Control Certificate).
  • Emission Norms Details.
  • Status of Registration Certificate.

How To Get Instant Check On Vehicle Registration Details With Application?

The application provides easy and quick vehicle registration information on your mobile phone. Just follow the steps as follows;

  1. Download this Droom Proprietary Technology “vehicle history” tool application.
  2. Get on the simple process to enter the vehicle registration number
  3. It will fetch all real-time details about the registered vehicle within 10 seconds.
  4. That’s instant to get every automobile detail on a smartphone, including owner’s name, RTO details, model of vehicle, RC/FC Expiry, insurance details, and more.

The Reasons You Must Know Why The Need Of Vehicle Details Is Important:

People buy vehicles every day, and some are on-road use for years; thus, endless new vehicles are there. So registration plays a crucial role in tracing and recording every detail of all vehicles in the country. This is useful in multiple ways, so the reasons are as follows;

  1. Road Accidents: To track vehicles in road accidents, get easy and prompt with vehicle registration. It helps in knowing the details of unfortunate passengers. The hit-and-run cases on the road can also be traced easily with registration details.
  2. Used Vehicle Buying: If you are planning to purchase for used or second-hand automobile, then also the registration is important. Whether you are buying it from the seller or owner, vehicle details will help you to its genuineness and authenticity.
  3. NOC (No Objection Certificate): RTOs are established across the states and parts of the country that is centralized with one database. This is known as a national registry, which is meant for vehicle registration certificates. Thus NOC is not needed if the vehicle is RTO registered.

The Bottom Line:

We hope you must be knowing how much important Vehicle Registration Details are. The easy-peasy steps to find vehicle details are also great and must. So next time you need to know used Car RTO Information, follow the steps and get sufficient details within a few minutes.