The shores of Sakhalin were strewn with herring

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On Sunday, April 4, a large amount of Pacific herring was found on the shores of Sakhalin. This was announced on Instagram by the head of the Sakhalin Environmental Watch, Dmitry Lisitsyn.

According to him, the phenomenon is associated with fish spawning.

Thus, the first shoals of the Sakhalin-Hokkaida herring of the Pacific herring began to approach the southwestern coast of Sakhalin, in the Kholmsk District, for spawning.

“As is often the case with dense approaches, part of the fish is thrown ashore,” explained Lisitsyn.

He noted that the release of such a quantity of herring ashore indicates the restoration of the population of this species. In addition, spawning has just begun, and an even greater ejection of shoals onto land is possible.

On February 12, it was reported that wholesale prices for pollock in the Far East in February fell to their lowest levels in the past few years.

In early February, wholesalers sell pollock 65 rubles per kg, and last year the price was kept at 102 rubles. In the central part of Russia, a kilogram of this fish fell from 123 rubles to 85. Then it was clarified that the collapse of wholesale prices occurred due to the closure of Chinese ports.