The ship “Admiral Nevelskoy” is approaching the South Korean port of Busan

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The ferry “Admiral Nevelskoy” has almost come close to Sakhalin. On the way to the goal, he has only a few control points. In particular, in the near future – approximately on April 20 – it will call at the port of Busan in South Korea. This information is provided by the service.

Currently, the ferry has already passed Taiwan, and passes along the coast of China. Apparently, in Busan, he will make a short stop to move on to Vladivostok. By the end of April, “Admiral Nevelskoy” will reach the shores of Sakhalin, and in May will begin to perform its duties on the Sakhalin-Kuril route.

Earlier, MK on Sakhalin said that the second ferry, Pavel Leonov, went to Lake Ladoga for a control check of all systems. During the week, the experts, together with the crew, will be on the ship and study the performance of all systems.