The secret of the popularity of Putin’s “Siberian outfit”

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After President Vladimir Putin’s trip to the taiga, the whole world was swept by the fashion for tanned suits, like that of the Russian leader. The REN TV channel has revealed the secret of the popularity of the president’s jacket.

The sheepskin coat is made only of natural materials: leather, sheepskin, and raccoon fur on the hood. According to the famous stylist Vlad Lisovets, now such a thing is in trend.

“This is a classic jacket. This model is available from Italian brands. Any man in such a jacket always looks very dignified and pretty, ”he commented.

Now many people want to have similar clothes for real men in their wardrobe. The cost of such a custom-made product is about 150 thousand rubles.

Tatyana Gaidamak, a fur and leather craftsman who works in a small family studio, noted in an interview with the TV channel that over the past few days they had received a flurry of calls, more than in the entire previous year. Jackets a la president are ordered from everywhere: from Russia, France, Italy, Latvia. Registration of buyers is already underway in June.

This is not the first time that Vladimir Putin has appeared in the frame in clothes with a local flavor. So in 2010, during a vacation in Khakassia, the president was wearing a similar costume, made in a small workshop. Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed that the Russian leader often prefers clothes from small manufacturers.

“The example of the president, in this case, certainly contributes to the popularization of our domestic brands, this is really so and this is positive, we believe,” said Peskov.

Last weekend, President Vladimir Putin and Defense Minister Serei Shoigu rested in Tuva, where they took a walk, during which the Defense Minister showed the president the peculiarities of the local nature, and drove an all-terrain vehicle through the taiga, driven by the head of state.